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March 23 2018

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The Main Steps In Processing Coffee

Coffee makes a fascinating journey from the tree to the mug, and there are many steps involved in processing the beans (or berries) before they can be brewed. The following are some of the major stages a coffee bean goes through on its way to becoming an energy-boosting beverage.

Planting And Harvesting

Coffee beans are really the seeds inside the berries of the coffee plant, which grows primarily in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Coffee trees are planted in shaded areas where are kept very moist. The trees grow for several years before producing fruit, and the berries are picked when they turn deep red. They are most often strip-picked by machine rather than by hand.

Separating And Drying The Bean

Once the berries have been harvested, the soft outer flesh has to be removed and the inner seed, known as the coffee bean, has to be washed and dried. The purpose of washing the bean is to remove all traces of the berry's pulp and leave the inner seed completely clean. The traditional method of drying coffee involves spreading it out on tables and letting it dry in the open air. The dried beans are then sorted by size and weight. You can learn more here about different types of conveyance equipment used in the drying and sorting process.

Roasting The Beans

Once the beans are dried and sorted, they need to be roasted before they can be ground and sold as coffee. The roasting process removes moisture from the bean and caramelizes its natural starches, converting them to sugars. When coffee is processed and roasted on a large scale, conveyance equipment is used to move the coffee beans through the roasting system. Because the roasted beans are more delicate and likely to break, some roasters use a tube conveyor system that surrounds and protects the beans. Anyone who is interested in how this process works can learn more here.

Storing And Brewing Coffee

Ground coffee is stored in airtight containers and should be kept away from moisture and light. Brewing involves mixing the grounds with hot water long enough for the water to extract the coffee essence. The proportions of coffee and hot water used depend on how finely the coffee is ground and how strong a brew the user desires.

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